Our Best Christmas Truffle Recipes

four best Christmas Truffle Recipes

Morning tea was particularly good at Country Trading today as Jess and I brought in no less than four different batches of truffles for comparison.  We take our work seriously and this was no truffling matter.  The jug was boiled, tea made, chairs pulled around and the tasting commenced. The competition was fierce with recipes from two Mums, Jo Segar and the fab Nicola Galloway of Homegrown Kitchen Fame.

My Mum (Jill) always makes a dark and intense rum and raisin truffle rolled in coconut.  Om nom nom was the verdict.  Jess’s Mum (Gail) makes a fruity sweet rice bubble truffle with no chocolate.  These were really good, especially for those of us who can’t take a lot of dark chocolate. Jo Segar’s Port and Prune truffle was next and definitely the richest, buttery truffle with squishy bits of port soaked prune all through them – are you hungry yet?

Nicola Galloway’s contribution was like a grown up after dinner mint.  Her Raw Mint Truffles have no sugar and are sweetened with dates and coconut.  Not one for the super sweet toothed but pretty damn good for something healthy was the consensus.

So forget 3 wise men! These four great truffle recipes will get you through the festive season.  Cheap to make and impressive to give as gifts and have on hand for visitors.  Each recipe makes between 30 and 60 truffles.

raw mint truffles Nicola Galloway
Nicola Galloway’s raw mint truffles.

To download our recipes for these four truffles click here.

Merry Christmas from the Country Trading team!








  1. Love these recipes thanks-especially the one which is sugar-free – might be able to tempt the primal and paleo eaters! Any idea what a cacao nib is?

    1. Hi Lucy, they’re bits of cocoa shell after roasting, pretty much 100% cocoa and quite bitter – use Whittakers Dark Ghana if you can’t get your hands on them. Deli’s and online specialty stores / organic stores have them. Cheerio. Heather

    2. The sugar free cocoa one is a really good base recipe that you could adapt to make lots of different flavors with. I might leave the mint out next time I make it and put something naughty in like Kahlua!

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