Three Christmas Crackers

Make your own crackers

I make a lot of cheese and I used to buy a lot of crackers.   They were pretty ordinary so about a year ago I started trialing cracker recipes and I’ve settled on 3 excellent ones that I want to share in the run-up to Christmas.

They’re not just for cheese, homemade crackers are handy to have in a jar for all those “bring a plate” and “pop around for a drink” occasions that descend on you over the holiday season.   Even if you just partner them with a pot of hummus from the 4Square they look posh.

They also make a great gift.    All your busy foodie friends will love you for giving them a big jar of homemade crackers.  Print out the recipes below, pop them around a jar of crackers and gift wrap it like a Christmas cracker for a cute and thoughtful pressie.

Christmas Crackers
Wrap up some homemade Christmas crackers – silly jokes optional.

My three top crackers are a crisp flat bread topped with spices and seeds, a robust nutty oat cake and a seriously moreish seed packed Swedish cracker called Knackenbrot. They cover most of your cracker bases, dipping, topping and snacking.  Click here to download the recipes.  Merry Christmas.

Knackenbrot Crackers
Homemade Knackenbrot Crackers and Quark Dip
Homemade Oat Cakes for Cheese
Homemade Stilton, Oatcakes and Damson Paste














  1. Have you trialed, or had any success with any gluten free crackers? If so, I would love your recipes.

    1. Hi Mari, I’ve had a play around with a couple of other gluten free cracker recipes but they all end up very brittle. The blog has a nice quinoa cracker recipe you might like. Heather

  2. Yum, these crackers look delicious! Any suggestions for making them wheat free? Would a simple substitution of gluten free flour work? Or a mix of almond and coconut flour? Thanks

    1. Hi Nadia, I’ve tried the Knackenbrot with a mix of ground almonds and gluten free flour and they worked well. The almond flour flavour went well with the other seeds. Have fun experimenting. Heather.

  3. I love to hear from you all. You are wonderful folk and I Bless you all and Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou for your continued enjoyment of Life and Sharing with others who are not able to do what you do. We just love hearing from such joyful souls. Loads of Love from Yvonne and Len and our Golden Labrador Ruby.

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